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Animation and Storyboards from VI Creative

by Kevin Woodson

Two new approaches we’ve mastered in the past year are animations and storyboarding.

Whether they appear on YouTube or your homepage, or are linked to internal communications, animated messaging is becoming an increasingly powerful way to communicate important messages. Animations have the power to grab your audience and deliver a complete presentation without maxing out attention spans.

Our animations tell the stories of company visions, contextualize major change initiatives, and help close sales with key customers.

Storyboards are quicker and more editable than animations, but deliver similarly ‘alive’ messages. A sequence of illustrations is simpler to produce than maps, it automatically lends itself to basic forms of animation, and it is easy to change and modify for different audiences.

When developing storyboards, teams explore a number of different ideas because they have the luxury to prototype different approaches fast and cheap. When complete, storyboards are easy to animate and roll out. We’ve created storyboards to describe customer segments, product lifecycles, and company-wide initiatives, as well as more traditional process steps.

Storyboards are standardized enough for everybody to understand, but flexible enough to meet your specific needs. 

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Posted at 11:57 AM 13 September 2011

Motion Map Videos

Now that you have finalized your map or storyboard, the challenge is to roll out your message to a wider audience. Videos are an easy and effective way to explain your bigger picture step by step allowing viewers to picture themselves in the overall story. VI Creative works with the client to write a script that is narrated by the client’s business leader.  Using the client’s voice accentuates ownership and provides a personal touch. The process continues in the studio and includes storyboarding, creating a rough cut, and the final video. The goal of the video is to tell a clear and compelling story from start to finish.

"When you need to develop an idea that grabs the attention and imagination of the customer, Visual Ink is the right partner."

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Posted at 2:52 PM 28 October 2010

Storyboard for Ideation

VI Creative creates an initial storyboard for the client to review. Storyboarding displays big picture ideas in manageable and appropriate compartments. This layout of information helps clients to identify key issues, problems, or gaps in their business challenges. Storyboards are fast to refine and their ability to provoke conversation, ensures that the final outcome accomplishes its goal. A completed storyboard is used to support client presentations. The ability to know what your idea will look like once executed provides assurance for a strong proposal and endeavor. 

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Posted at 2:53 PM 27 October 2010

Result-Driven Maps

VI Creative quickly creates a sketch that represents the clients’ current state. This is used to gather initial feedback and probes decision makers to question what challenges are inhibiting them from reaching their desired state. The sketch is iterated until alignment is reached. This process allows all stakeholders to participate and ensures everyone’s perspectives are heard. The map is created so that everyone sees where they fit into the bigger picture. The final map is then digitized so it can be included in a communication campaign. 

"The people at Visual Ink have the most compelling and unique approach to communication – they understand how to take an idea and make it really stand out, so that customers get it."
—Rebecca Lawson, Director of worldwide marketing, HP

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Posted at 2:51 PM 27 October 2010
Clean, Smart, Effective Communication

Clean, Smart, Effective Communication

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Posted at 5:01 PM 31 August 2010

Transform your complex and content heavy information to a simple and captivating message! Our motion map messaging process.

"VI stand way above other creative agencies, because they have the technical depth and ideation skills required to come up with very compelling communication solutions."

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Posted at 3:19 PM 31 August 2010
Welcome to the creative-side of communication!

Welcome to the creative-side of communication!

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Posted at 3:17 PM 31 August 2010